Monday, October 17, 2011

Stills and Reviews of Nicole Beharie in CBS "The Good Wife"

I hope you're watching The Good Wife on CBS Sundays at 9pm et. You can catch last night's episode HERE. Nicole Beharie debuted as Imani Morehouse and she was splendid! She totally owned it. :-)

Here's what some of the reviews are saying. Consensus is this was the best episode of this season so far, obviously ;-):

"Nicole Beharie, who plays Imani Morehouse, also costars with Michael Fassbender in Shame, which is coming out in December and which I saw at the Toronto Film Festival. She has an incredible sexiness about her, a way of sparring intellectually with cocky men that makes her a perfect Cary counterpart. Their chemistry was palpable from second one, and is enough to make anyone forget about the sorely missed Kelli Giddish, at least momentarily. (Kudos to Czuchry for that amazing attracted-nervous-suspicious laugh he did in response to Imani's first joke, "You're all under arrest.") And she's sexy in a way that makes Lisa Edelstein's grating Celeste seem downright vulgar with her frequent references to past sexual liaisons." NYMag

"A beautiful stranger in the room with Alicia and Cary as the robbery witness views the suspect lineup turns out to be a Justice Department attorney sent to make sure that the State's Attorney's Office has no racial bias in plea bargaining. Imani Stonehouse (Nicole Beharie) already is infinitely more interesting than Cary, not to mention nicer to look at." AfterEllen

"I’m also intrigued by Imani Morehouse, the (drop-dead gorgeous) new assistant U.S. attorney (and granddaughter of a fictional civil rights leader, obviously) assigned to be a sentencing watchdog at Peter’s office. Do I smell a romance between Cary and Imani? Why, yes, I think I do." LATimesBlogs

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