Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nicole Beharie at NYFF "SHAME" Premiere and Afterparty on Oct 7th!

Did you expect to come here and see some awesome pictures of Nicole Beharie from the New York Film Fest Shame premiere and afterparty a few nights ago at the rooftop of "The Standard Hotel" in a fantastic cocktail dress??!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! I'm sorry; I really, really wish I had some!! You can boo me right now, just like I want to boo all the press/paps that saw her at the festivities and didn't arrange to take her picture.

I don't get it! This is a critically acclaimed highly anticipated film, which will be pushed for Oscar consideration and where she plays the main romantic interest; I know the part is brief but still poignant, plus she's gorgeous and wonderful in the movie sooo....why isn't there more press about her?!

*Sigh* Don't mind me. ANYWAYS, I found this article at Nathaniel R., a really nice writer from that site, just told me in the comment section that he spoke to Nicole at the afterparty. This is what he says in his story:

Of course she was amazing in the film. While we're at it, check out the NYFF review of  Shame from IndieWIRE's Shadow and Act HERE.

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