Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nicole Starring in Another Film - Schedule Conflict??

According to Nikki Love, one of the producers for The Last Fall, Nicole flew out to another location to shoot another film. While I do not know which project it is, I do know Spike Lee started filming Red Hook Summer this week in Brooklyn. Could that be it?? Although, that film is said to be low-budget, so I'm not sure they'd be paying her that much.

That's just me speculating... hmmm

Anyhow, here's the part of her blog regarding that situation:

Our lead actress just booked another film that is paying her way more than we are, in fact her pay is more than our whole budget for the film! LOL!
She has a schedule conflict and we have to split her shoot days so she can fly out for 3 days to film this other project.

What does this mean? Means we have to get our AD on this ASAP and try to get her to rearrange some things. We have to call our casting director and see how this will affect other actor's schedules and their already existing shooting conflicts and make sure this doesn't ADD additional shoot days to anyone's schedule so we don't have to pay more. We have to call locations and see what we can rearrange and hopefully change our days around.

All this while walking into the SAG office dropping off paperwork, waiting for them to review, telling us what the bond amount is, running up to the bank before they close (it's around 4:30pm).

PS they want us to tell them something asap! The other production company will fly her out of LA to do their project and fly her back in to finish ours.
Now, do we split up this package deal we found for hotel and car or do we just let it be continuous days still and have them reimburse us for the 3 days that she won't be there in her hotel room and using the car?? 
They say they will call us back and let us know *sigh*

4:45 pm, run upstairs to SAG and drop off bond money to our SAG rep."

Here are a couple of pictures from the first week of shooting of Matthew Cherry's The Last Fall, in which she plays the love interest, Faith Davis.

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