Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updates/Early Reviews for 'Shame' and 'My Last Day Without You'

The film 'Shame' starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Milligan and directed by Steve Mcqueen is currently showing as complete on IMDB. To recap, Nicole plays Fassbender's love interest in the film, but his character is unable to form an intimate connection with her because of his sex addiction.

Exciting stuff as you can imagine! I have read very positive reviews scattered throughout the web. The latest comes from the IMDB discussion for Shame. User ahmedw-bakhsh posted a thread titled 'Phenomenal'. He apparently caught the film at a buyers screening in Cannes. The film was a rough cut without the music and opening/closing credits. Going by this review, the film looks to be very promising! :-)

What a movie! Great acting, great writing, great directing! I loved it. It's marginally better than Hunger in the sense that it completely relies on the chemistry between the two leads, Michael and Carey, and they both totally deliver. Heartbreaking, harrowing, and shocking. A completely new side to Michael. He's still the charismatic, cool, confident lead (during most of the movie) but towards the end, he unravels into this fragile, vulnerable, broken shell of the man he pretends he is, and it is completely mesmerizing to watch.
Also, don't worry, there is a back story here, a purpose as to why the characters do what they do.
I have to say, though, I was surprised by how much nudity was in the movie. It doesn't take away from the plot, though, and this time, it really is essential to the story.
The movie was not what I expected, and I'm glad.
Just a sidenote, Carey isn't in it as much as I thought she would be.

He also added in another post:

It was hard to tell what people thought of it, since it's the kind of movie that, when it ends, you just sit there for a moment taking it all in. But I heard that the reception was positive.

I sent him a pm about Nicole's role and her nudity/sex scene in the film. He says she is not nude and the sex scene is very brief. Not that she should be chastasised if she was indeed nude, however, some will try to especially when it comes to the interracial element of this already sexually charged drama.

Since it is premiering at the Venice Film Festival at the end of August of this year, you can expect a trailer very soon or at least some interesting film stills. I will post as soon as any of it becomes available.

'My Last Day Without You' received some positive reviews from a few who attended the screenings at the Brooklyn Film Festival last weekend. The film also garnered a "Best Producer" award at the festival. Check out the review from Kia Barbee posted HERE via Indiwire's Shadow and Act. Judging by this particular review, the movie doesn't seem to be your average run of the mill rom-com but more of a fresh, sweet, witty and rather unpredictable romantic story. I will post any U.S. distribution information and release dates when I find out!

Below is the review posted by Tas Tobey of Antenna Magazine Online. You can click HERE for the article.

On Saturday night, The Brooklyn Film Festival hosted the world premiere of My Last Day Without You, a feature film in the 2011 festival line-up. Starring Nicole Beharie and Ken Duken, with masterful direction by Stefan Shchaefer, this film captures the true essence of a “chance encounter” romance.

Set in Brooklyn, the film begins with Niklas, a young german executive visiting for the day on important business. After a chance meeting with Leticia, a beautiful African-American secretary and aspiring singer and songwriter, he instantly falls in love. The two proceed to spend the entire day with one another, and after what seems like a beautiful strike of fate, it is revealed that Niklas is in fact the very person who was sent to lay-off the entire branch of the company Leticia works for. From this point on the story spirals into a whirlwind of self-discovery, violence, and compassion. Winning the award for “Best Producers” at this years Brooklyn Film Festival, this flick is far from your average chicky romance film and is truly a must-see for all. The film has received a distribution deal and will be available to the public in the coming weeks.

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